/The Design/

The space is inspired by spaces Zack experienced throughout his years touring in music.  “The shop design is a mashup of a few of my favorite spots, one in Berlin and one in Osaka, with a little Nordic brightness thrown in the mix as well.”

The first thing you notice when you enter the space are crisp, modern lines. Concrete floors; a bar that’s a floating white cube; shelves linearly underlit with LED strips. The geometry of white and black material is softened by overgrown tropical plants and leather furniture. “I wanted to have an inviting space while aggressively pushing minimalism as far as I could, making it very different than any coffee shop in the Pacific Northwest.

The brightness of the shop is a nod to Scandanivia – a similarly cloudy and dark area.  Spaces in Scandinavia are built with as much white area as possible to keep the sad from happening,” explains Zack. “It’s Insane that coffee shops in Seattle are so grunge dark. You come in for stimulation, an ‘up’, hopefully for happiness or escapism.  Then the spaces deliver the exact opposite.” Union is his answer.