Acoustics Design

We have all had the unfortunate experience of a night out with friends at a food establishment that is so uncomfortably noisy that you come away feeling like you were unable to enjoy your night out.

A lack of thought regarding acoustics is a plague of modern development and tenant improvement builds.  Get ahead of acoustic issues by consulting Zack Reinig.  With experience in both retrofitting acoustic elements into a finished build, as well as incorporating acoustic control into initial build plans, Zack has the years of real world knowledge that can quickly and easily take care of any acoustic issues your space has.  The results will be elegant, visually appropriate, and sonically beautiful.


Walk through advisory rate - $1000.00
One-hour walk through of your build complete with space-specific advise, product tips and install instructions for successful mitigation of your acoustic problem areas.

Design, build, and implementation - $ By project
Full acoustic treatment, beginning at the architectural design stage - working with your architects, designers, general contractors, and inspectors to job completion.