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Our phone number is (206) 577-7953

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From your life as a musician, record producer and sound engineer to your life in coffee, is there common denominator?

“If you go to any major music city, you find that coffee and music are intermingled. Many, many musicians work by day as baristas between tours. When you come off the road, you open your coffee shop,” says Zack Reinig, founder of Union Coffee. “So if you’re a musician or around the music scene, you’re in the coffee scene as well.”

For Zack – who worked for 16 years as a studio and touring sound engineer with bands such as the Shins, Sleater-Kinney, Blonde Redhead and Spoon – coffee and sound share another characteristic. High quality demands a high tolerance for technique and precision.

“Coffee and touring sound, in particular, are both very similarly technical and focus-driven. Doing live sound in large venues, you’re absolutely focused on trying to deliver the same exact experience for the listener show after show, but you’re dealing with all these outside influences – the vast sonic differences between venues, equipment variances, musician performance issues, staff problems, the sheer exhaustion of months of touring, etc. Coffee is very similar in that you are striving to get every extraction to be perfect in the middle of: various equipment tolerances, changes in air temperature and humidity, the controls of water and its volatility, barista tendencies and differences, customer needs – the list goes on and on. You are constantly accounting for all these variables to get your own process to be as high quality bullet proof and repeatable as possible.”